Training feedback

How to use CyclingPlanner to give feedback on a workout in a simple way and the reason of why doing so.
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Training Feedback

CyclingPlanner is a training tool. His first goal is to quickly provide insights in the sports performance of an athlete and how his abilities might be improved in line with his defined goals. On one hand you have the world of numbers, on the other hand you have the world of a natural feeling. A training went well, or it just didn’t. Not all days are equal. CyclingPlanner knows to track this trend in a very simple way by keeping track of some feedback…

Provide feedback the easy way

Providing feedback should be quick and easy. It is just a small effort to give an impression, both for yourself as for coaches following you, on how you felt.

When navigating to the details of an activity, you can enter your feedback in no time.

Fun factor

Based on a fun factor the sportsman can indicate wether he enjoyed his training or not. Did you like the workout, or was it just not your day. A fun factor is a snapshot of your feeling at that particular workout. But who wouldn’t want to know if sportsmen are enjoying their passion ?

CyclingPlanner keeps it all simple, making a distinction between the following 3 options:

  • Bad : This wasn’t your day today, you had to force yourself a bit to do it. Tomorrow is another day ?
  • Neutral : Ok, you did the training fine, but you’re not filled with enthusiasm.
  • Great : This gave you a super feeling, a training that brings energy, that gives you the trust this adds to your physical condition and strength.

Fit factor

The fit factor is a reflection of your power strength during the workout. Did it all go smooth to deliver the power as planned in the workout, or was it difficult to reach requested intensities and hang on on them ? One again, based on your feeling.

CyclingPlanner keeps it all simple, making a distinction between the following 3 options:

  • Bad : Underperforming on this workout. Whether you liked it or not, but you have been performing better.
  • Neutral : Ok, you were able to get the intensities and hold on, but nothing more than that. A workout like so many others.
  • Great : You were flying today, you got wings, you felt obviously stronger than normal today. For short : just top !

Borg score

A borg score goes back quite some time to older physical studies, but it gives a good reflection on your own interpretation of the overall intensitiy of your activity. CyclingPlanner foresees a small legend to guide you in your estimation.

Why should we

Reasons of why we keep track of our feedback is to realign our training plans and our goals. Which workout go well, which do not ? Which intensities feel good for the sportsman, independent of all numbers? CyclingPlanner collects everything nicely together into a handy overview list.

List overview of feedback

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